I PART: “línea Metro sagrada familia”

Once out of the metro station “Sagrada Familia”, we can know the architecture of the emblematic basilica of La Sagrada Familia travel along Marina street turn on Provenza street, then Sardenya street and end on Mallorca street or vice versa. We can take pictures next to the Sagrada Familia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fantastic!


Then you can continue our metro line route “La sagrada familia” on Avenida Antoni Gaudí, the most influential and illustrious architect of the city of Barcelona, going up Gaudí Avenue, you will find shops of the Barrí de la Sagrada Familia, bars and restaurants with Terrassa that as you walk you can stop for a moment at a table and drink a soda and look at the Sagrada Familia in its splendor.At the end of Avenida Gaudí, you will find the facades of the Hospital San Pau in Barcelona, building designed by the architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner, being one of the main representatives of Catalan modernism, we recommend a couple of photos next to the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona.


If you like beer a few meters from Hospital Sant Pau by Rosselló street, 515, you will find the old Damm factory, which was built as a beer production plant in 1905, the factory is historically known as La Bohemia. You can take guided tours through a small museum with beer tasting, Estrella Damm is the best-selling beer in Catalonia. Something will have!


To advance in our metro line route “La sagrada familia” we return by Avenida Gaudi, if you are hungry there are many options, but we are interested in telling you that even if you stop to eat then follow Via Provenza to Cecilia street in front of the Sagrada Familia square you will find a Pub Michael Collins, depending on the day there is live music, a very cosmopolitan local, Irish style, highly recommended.