Electricscooterbcn one of the first store of electric vehicles for rent complies with Barcelona regulations.

Electricscooterbcn.com is one of the first electric vehicles rental shop that complies with the Barcelona Regulations for electric scooters and electric bicycles.

After all the information that flowed through Barcelona during the last summer of the year 2018, by the different meetings held by the city authorities to establish a technical regulation of the electric vehicle and the circulation of the electric vehicle through the city. Launched the regulations of Barcelona for electric scooters and “merged” the regulations of electric bicycles, see in the following link:

Normativa Barcelona Patinetes y bicicletas eléctricas – electricscooterbcn

We are very happy, since we have registered our fleet of electric vehicles in the City of Barcelona and since last December 28, 2018, we are registered with the individual identification of each electric vehicle (QR).

Which means; that we comply with the new regulations of Barcelona for electric scooters and electric bicycles, that we have an individual insurance by electric vehicle against third party, which covers possible accidents and / or damages; on the part of the user of our electric vehicles. Also any breakdown during the walk around the city, you will have an emergency telephone number available.

We guarantee the best electric vehicles in Barcelona, We have the hallmark of the Barcelona City Council. Come visit us at Ali Bei 104 street and enjoy safely the city of Barcelona and make the most of your time with electricscooterbcn.com.