Luggage service

Get optimize time during your visit to Barcelona

When you arrive in Barcelona, it is possible that you arrive early and you should wait to check-in at your accommodation and you will have to carry your suitcases until your check-in time or maybe you will have to return to your home city end of the day. It is the best time for you to leave those heavy and uncomfortable bags in our baggage storage, renting our electric scooters or electric bicycles or both electric vehicles so that you can spend your time you can eat those last tapas, visit that place that was left pending or visit Barcelona as you want.

Luggage storage service in Barcelona

safe luggage

The Luggage service Barcelona of electricscooterbcn is 100% safe. We give you a ticket to collect your luggage, if you use our luggage service you can avoid your luggage being stolen, if you were with your luggage in the hours before or after your stay in Barcelona.

Take advantage your time

All the people that have made a trip, we know how uncomfortable it is to carry the luggage before entering the accommodation and the loss of opportunity to take advantage of the last hours of your time before catching the flight, leave them in our luggage service and You to enjoy !!

The best price

Electricscooterbcn has very cheap prices and we keep your luggage free if you rent any of our electric vehicles.

Rental electric sccoter or electric bike

/ hours rent
  • If you rent an electric bike or electric scooter, the luggage storage is free.


Small backpack

/ day
  • For leaving a backpack, small suitcase or small bag, during the business hours of our store.

Bags or backpacks

/ day
  • For leaving a baggage (between 28 -35 liters) suitcase (cabin type aircraft) during the business hours of our store.

Large bags

/ day
  • For leaving a large suitcase (size equal to or greater than 60 x 50 cm) during the business hours of our store.