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Barcelona is synonymous with diversity and multiculturalism; In this city you can know not only the Spanish culture or in this case, the Catalan culture; but you can immerse yourself in the different micro-cultures and micro-habits that the city offers you, for the wide range of foreign residents that exists today. Next we will talk about the Encants (Els Encants) of Barcelona. The street market of the Encants is one of the oldest markets in Europe and the most emblematic street trade of the city of Barcelona.

The charms of Barcelona, is a street market that met in different parts of the city for more than seven centuries, has its beginnings in the union of several markets, each with products of different sales; It is the result of the merger between the Fira de Bellcaire and the Fira de los Encantes during the 19th century. It can be compared with other European flea markets, for example; the waterlooplein of Amsterdam, the Portobello street market in London, the Porta Portese market in Rome or the Rastro market located in Madrid.

The year 2013 moved to the other side of the Plaza de las Glorias playing with the National Theater. Exactly located in a total area of 33,306 m2, in the neighborhood of Eixample Dereta, between Avenida Meridiana, Calle Casp and Calle Castillejos, in the old Bosquet Dels Encants. Located under a spectacular roof 24 meters high and full of mirrors that reflect all the daily activity of the market, and always retaining the feeling of outdoor shopping. These new facilities in addition to the stops, shops and the auction square also has; more and new offer of restoration, offices, toilets, a multipurpose room and parking with capacity for about 300 vehicles.

The Encants has been characterized as the free market, with more than 500 merchants of all kinds of products, you can find; antiques collection, footwear, household items, used and new clothes, crafts, appliances, electrical equipment, perfumery and cosmetics, awnings and clothing, pet supplies, hardware and machinery, new furniture and decoration, textiles, toys, stationery, crafts, etc. It is an excellent option to buy subsidies or special gifts for your loved ones but taking care of your economy, you will find offer prices especially if you take advantage of the public auction that takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. morning.

The street market of Los Encants has a commercial offer consisting of several shops of which; 78 are stores, 156 stops and 39 auction spaces; It is open to the public: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 in the morning to 8 at night (20H).

The commercial offer is complemented by establishments dedicated to gastronomy. You will find more than 9 premises distributed between the different levels that form the enclosure; the flea market is already an architectural symbol of the city. Six of the restaurants are located at the highest level of the market. Known as the Street Food, where you will find Mediterranean, Italian, Oriental and much more. There are tables and benches, where you can eat and enjoy looking at the city in its splendor. Another option, if you prefer Menu go to the Restaurant El Mirall dels Encants which is located at the foot of the street and with independent access to the market, in Carrer de los Castillejos, 158.

They will ask themselves how to get to the Encants? It is very easy to access, one of them by public transport, you can take the metro, bus, or train (Cercanías lines, RENFE).

If you want to use the bus you can take the 33, 50, or H10. If you use the subway; we recommend the line L1 “Glorias” station, If you prefer the Tranvia, get off at the Teatro Nacional de Catalunya station; Finally if you are not in Barcelona city or if you are closest to a Renfe station, you can take the R1, R11, R2, R2N, or RG1 and change to the metro at the Arc de Triomf station.