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Barcelona is the city of Spain that receives more tourists year after year, this is because the city is ranked number five among the most visited cities in the world.

To enjoy Barcelona there are numerous Tours and experiences available, from guided tours to discover attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló by Gaudí, among others. But one of the qualities that this city has to position itself among one of the favorites of travelers are its beaches.

The beaches on this side of the Mediterranean do not stop being one of the most acclaimed places to meet, at any time of the year, but especially in summer; since you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate, the sea and the various outdoor activities organized by the city of Barcelona at this time of year. Along the entire coastline stretches a seafront promenade that runs through all the beaches of this city, from Llevant to the north, to Sant Sebastià to the south.

All the beaches of Barcelona are well connected, and among the most popular are; The beach of Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Sant Miquel, Sant Sebastià, Bogatell, Nova Icarìa and Mar Bella.

That is why if you choose to stay in the city and believe that all the beautiful beaches are only in the Caribbean, you are wrong. You have the opportunity to know some of the best beaches in our Mediterranean. The tourist attraction goes much more of the beauty but also includes the adventure and the recreational activities that our beaches offer you, for this we detail each one of the most popular beaches as they are, the beach of Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Sant Miquel, Sant Sebastià, and Mar Bella. for which, we will give you an open-mouth of what they offer.

Beach of Barcelona:

It is one of the largest and oldest beaches in the city, due to its location and easy access it is one of the favorite places for tourists and locals; The beach has an extensive sports and leisure equipment consisting of several volleyball courts, children’s play areas, table tennis, a gymnastics area and a “library-beach” service.

Beach of Somorrostro:

Located between Hospital del Mar and Calle de la Marina, Somorrostro Beach comprises a section of coastline that previously belonged to Barceloneta Beach. It was recently renamed to pay tribute to the shanty town of Somorrostro that, after one hundred years of life, was demolished for Franco’s visit to Barcelona in 1966. This beach offers multiple services such as children’s play area, gymnastics area, volleyball fields.

Beach of  Sant Miquel: Just 570 meters from the Aquarium of Barcelona, Sant Miquel Beach named after the nearby Church of Sant Miquel del Port, it is a central and lively beach that, despite its small size size, makes one of the busiest points of the city’s coastline. Because of its proximity to Sant Sebastià, and sometimes Sant Miquel is frequented by nudist users.

Beach of Sant Sebastià:

In Sant Sebastià there are some of the most important sports clubs in Barcelona, and along with Bogatell Beach, Sant Sebastià is one of the beaches frequented by older people, has an area for people with reduced mobility, and is also located there the Tower of Sant Sebastià; which is one of the stations of the cable car that connects the port with Montjuic Mountain.

Beach of  Mar Bella:

Frequented by a fairly young audience, the beach has a space used as a nudist beach, in addition to various sports facilities such as volleyball court, basketball court and ping-pong table. In addition there is a nautical base from which water activities are carried out.

In addition to the beaches of Barcelona, on the Catalan coast beaches follow one another. To the south of the city, the beaches of Casteldefels, Sitges, Vilanova and Calafell stand out. To the north of Barcelona, the coastline of Maresme and Blanes stands out; the beginning of the famous Costa Brava. To get to these beaches you can do it using the different public transport systems that this city offers you.

What do you expect to visit Barcelona? Come and meet her and be part of living one of the best experiences of your life.