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Live workshops with instruments “Museum of music of Barcelona

The Museum of Music of Barcelona brings together a collection of instruments and musical documents from around the world, from ancient civilizations to new technologies of the 21st century. More than 500 pieces are exhibited (out of a total of 2000 instruments), considered one of the most important funds in Spain. Its mission is to show that musical instruments are living material of our past, full of meaning and information the musical heritage of Spain.

The Museum of Music is under the tutelage of the Barcelona City Council. Since 2007 its headquarters are located on the second floor of the Barcelona Auditorium, in the neighborhood of Fort Pienc.

In March 2007, the Museum of Music reopened its doors to the public at L’Auditori with a completely renewed presentation of its collections of instruments and musical documents.

Times Museu de la Música

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Stringed instruments are those that have more representation in the museum and include the collection of guitars and keyboard instruments. Wind instruments also deserve special attention, reflecting their important Catalan construction tradition and their use in South American and Asian cultures.

For families, the best way to visit this museum is through the Little Orpheus tour, which takes place every Sunday at 11 am.

The Little Orpheus is a dynamic tour for families and the general public, with multimedia support that combines music, image and voice, which allows you to enter the world of musical sound and offers a tour through different thematic spaces related to the history of music.

Driven by an educator you will cross the “sound forest” discovering and listening to a sarangi from India, an African mbira, a Catalan gralla and a Japanese koto among other instruments that come from distant areas and times.

The tour ends in the interactive room where visitors (small and old) can manipulate instruments, objects, models and interactive games participating in a fun way in the discovery of sound.

Remember! If you are in the area to come and see us and rent an electric scooter or electric bike, we are three blocks from the Barcelona Bei 104 Auditorium,