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You can get it by downloading the file from our blog in PDF format and if you want you can print it.

Get a map of the Barcelona metro

You can also get it on the website oficial de Transporte Metropolitano de Barcelona and get off; the general map of the metro or a specific route. Then you have the possibility of getting the maps of the Barcelona metro, in the same metro stations of Barcelona. But if you like to plan or download it on your mobile device, this is your option to look at the map of the Barcelona metro.

If you are interested in knowing a little bit of history, we will tell you about the evolution of the map of the Barcelona metro.

In 1924 the underground section linking the port and the upper area of the city of Barcelona was inaugurated (Lesseps-Pl Catalunya)
May 1925 the Lesseps-Diagonal section (Fontana station) was inaugurated
July 1925 the section from Catalonia to Liceo was inaugurated
At the end of this year 1925, it would also be counted with the station Aragon (Passeig de Gràcia)
During the year 1926 the construction of the transversal metro that will unite Aragon with Correos (near Barceloneta) was completed. In this same year 1926, the Bordeta section (Santa Eulalia-Pl Catalunya) was inaugurated and would continue to grow in 1933, which would reach the Marina metro station.
In 1954 this line would reach the Fabra i Puig station, this being the current line 1 of the Barcelona metro.
In 1959, the current Sagrera-Horta section of Line 5 was built. Then, in the 1960s, the extension of lines L1, L3, L5 continued, and lines L4 and L5 (Diagonal-Collblanc) were built.
In the 70s, the existing stretches were gradually extended and the construction of section L2 (Sagrada Familia-Paral·lelo) began, recently inaugurated in 1994 and in 1997 the Sagrada Familia stretch was inaugurated until La Pau.

Currently the extension work of the Barcelona metro focuses on the lines (L9 and L10) that run through Barcelona (from the Barcelona Airport to Badalona). And in addition to the lines L11 extensions L4, L1, L2, L3 and L5.


Get a map of the Barcelona metro

Do you know how many calories encourages you to lose the map of the Barcelona metro?

The Treated company has developed a unique calorie map of the metro network in Barcelona that determines how many we burn in the different journeys we make every day. For example, if instead of taking the metro between Plaza Catalunya and Diagonal we walked that distance, we would burn around 60 calories each way. This conclusion is based on a model: the study has considered a person with an average weight of 70 kilos walking at a speed of 4.82 km / h (what is considered walking at a brisk pace in urban areas) … El Periódico Barcelona – Tuesday, 02/13/2018 | Updated on 02/14/2018 at 4:30 PM CET

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