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Auditorium Barcelona (in Catalan l’Auditori) is the house of music in Barcelona. The Auditori complex is the work of Rafael Moneo, one of the most influential Spanish architects of the time. It was inaugurated in 1999 and since then it has been in the focus of the musical life of Barcelona in the fields of dissemination, teaching and research. Therefore, the time given to reason, the Auditorium of Barcelona is not only a space built for concerts and musical shows, but also to spread the knowledge of music to the general public.

It is close to the Plaza de las Glorias in Barcelona, where the three largest and longest avenues in the city intersect (the Diagonal, the Gran Vía and the Meridiana), next to the National Theater of Catalonia, over the 22nd district @

Concert halls:

Hall 1 Pau Casalscommon are the performances of symphonic formations, with a capacity of 2,200 spectators.

Hall 2 Oriol Martorellvery used for performances of chamber music ensembles, with a capacity of 600 spectators

Hall 3 Tete Montoliu, multipurpose room, with a capacity of 400 spectators.

Hall 4 Alicia de Larrocha, Its capacity is 152 spectators and it has a stage of 80 m², it will be used for small format concerts: for experimentation and new creation. A space for resident groups of the Auditorium, trials of municipal bands, etc.

The acoustics of the rooms has been meticulously studied by the specialized engineer Higini Arau.

The Barcelona Auditorium is home to the Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia (OBC), the Grup Instrumental BCN 216, the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and the Museu de la Música.

At L’Auditori you can enjoy a wide selection of concerts: from concerts of the Symphony Orchestra (OBC) to concerts of Ancient Music or concerts at the Music Museum, where the viewer can enjoy the sound of original instruments and perform various activities family

The Auditori program offers more than 300 projects, concerts and shows in Barcelona through which it wants to develop its mission with society: to preserve and disseminate the great universal musical heritage making it accessible to all.

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